Costs always become part of the equation when renting a crane and comparing rental companies. Though the cost of a crane rental is only one factor to think about as you evaluate companies, knowing the variables that affect the cost is crucial.? 

Keep in mind that not every crane rental company is the same. When comparing rental companies, ensure that you know the ease of doing business, overall capabilities, and scope of services. This is to guarantee you are getting the most out of your money.? 

Though renting a crane for?HVAC placement?might be more affordable than purchasing one, crane rental costs might differ. Here are several factors that affect them: 

Hauling or Transportation Needs 

Getting the crane and all its components from one point to another can be difficult. This is particularly true if you are delivering several cranes and several loads to a job site.? 

The distance traveled, state government permits, and the number of truckloads needed is all transportation-related items that affect the total cost of a crane rental. 

In addition to that, you also have to consider the logistical coordination and personnel required to guarantee the equipment is properly delivered and on time.? 

When comparing your options for crane rental, always consider transportation and ensure the company you pick has the ability and skills to handle the transportation aspect.? 

Duration of the Project 

The duration of time needed for the crane to be on the project also affects the cost of the rental. A couple of construction projects will require a crane for a small part of the project. If this is the case, they’ll only need it for a couple of hours. 

On the other hand, some require it for the whole project duration, which can be years. You can rent a crane depending on your project demands. This includes: 

  • Monthly 
  • Weekly 
  • Daily 
  • Hourly 

A reliable crane rental company will consult with you to recommend you the right option based on your needs and the duration of the project.? 

Labor Needs 

When you rent a crane, think about the professionals you’ve got to hire to operate it. You will require everything. This includes personnel, logistics coordination, transportation, truck drivers, and more.? 

Also, you will require professional technicians to maintain the crane while it is on the site. The amount of labor required to properly execute a project can be overwhelming. Thus, you have to factor this into the total cost. 

Type of Crane 

Crane rental costs vary on the configuration, size, and type of the crane you require for the project. You need to consider both the lift radius and weight to figure out the best configuration, size, and type of crane for a particular project.? 

Consulting a crane expert is always the ideal approach to ensure you are getting the right crane for your project. Given the range of crane configurations, sizes, and types, it can be overwhelming to know which crane works for your needs. 

Fortunately, a reliable crane rental company can work with you to help you determine the right type of crane.?